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Full Production Videos

The total package, from developing your creative approach to determining the location of your photo shoot, to editing and recording voice overs, to tracking your project’s reach.  We will be by your side each step of the way, making sure we align with your objectives and budget, and keeping with the current trends in media and technology.

  • Creative Development
  • Pre-Production Planning

  • Filming: Location & Studio

  • Post-Production

  • Translation Services

  • Distribution, Tracking & Analytics

Simple Shoot and Edit

We’ll brainstorm and consult with your subject matter experts, assist with script writing and outlines for interviews or presentations, and visit your location for your video shoot.  After the shoot, we’ll edit, add background, and mix audio, then deliver the finished product in your desired format.

  • Script or Content Outline for Presenters

  • Project Management

  • Shoot at your Location

  • Post-Production

  • Digital Delivery



In our editing system, our team will manipulate the footage, insert graphics, and record voice overs to create a seamless video production.  Once you are completely satisfied, we will deliver the video in the format you request.

  • Edit using your provided footage

  • Create graphics

  • Cast & record voiceover narration

Scriptwriting / Content Development

Determining your target audience and the tone you wish to convey are key to building a script that will engage your viewers and hold their attention.  We’ll conduct any research necessary to develop a script that is accurate and eloquent.

  • Creative Development

  • Research

  • Scriptwriting


Event Production

Whatever your live event may be, we’re on board ensuring the overall success of your endeavor.  We’ll handle the behind the scenes details, from writing scripts/speeches to set design and stage lighting,  so you can concentrate on entertaining and educating your audience.

  • Audio, Visual and Lighting Design
  • Stage Design, Build & Setup
  • Live Staging Theatrics
  • Rehearse and Run Shows
  • Live Streaming or Record Show
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